<!> =================================================  C-1 SqrAwe:

<!>   C-1 Square Dancing - Square Awareness:


< >  =======================================================  C-1  < >:


< >  Alter the Wave

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     <4-Parts>     From a Wave:  Ends stay Ends,  Centers stay Centers.     From:  Wave.  FacingCouples. 

To:  Wave (of opposite handedness).

< >  Chase Your Neighbor

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Back-to-Back-Couples.     To:  L-H-Wave.

< >  Cross Your Neighbor

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     O-F  ->  Ends.

From:  Mini-Wave-Box.  T-Bone2x2.  BoxCirculate.

To:  Mini-Wave-Box -> opposite-handed Two-Faced-Line.

< >  Linear Action


From:  1/4Tag.  3/4Tag.  1/4Line.  3/4Line.  wave between parallel mini-waves,  or two-faced-line between parallel-mini-waves.

To:  ParallelWaves, Parallel3&1Lines, or a Parallelogram (if outside dancers end on the same spot).

< >  Percolate

Percolate But


From:  Waves.  Lines.  2x4T-Bones.

To:  Back-to-Back-Lines.  8ChainThru.  O-F-T-Bones.

< >  Plenty

Scoot & Plenty

Scoot Chain Thru & Plenty


From:  1/4Tag.  3/4Tag.     ->     To:  1/4Tag.

</>  Ramble    

Scoot & Ramble

SqrAwe:     <2-Parts>     3/4Tag  ->  Columns.

From:  1/4Tag.  3/4Tag.     To:  _

</>  Regroup

SqrAwe:  ParallelLines end in FacingLines.

From:  Lines.  Waves.  T-bones with the ends in lines, only.   To:  _

< >  Relay the Shadow


From:  TidalWave.  FacingLines.     To:  ParallelWaves.

< >  Relay the Top

SqrAwe:   <6-Parts>     From:  Waves. 8ChainThru. ->  To: Waves.

R-H Wave:  ½CW  ¾CCW  ½  ¼CW  ½CW  ¾CCW

L-H Wave:  ½CCW  ¾CW  ½  ¼CCW  ½CCW  ¾CW

< >  Rotary Spin

Rotary Anything


From:  8ChainThru.  R-H-Waves.     To:  R-H-Waves.

< >  Square Chain the Top

SqrAwe:     From:  FacingCouples.  R-H-Wave.  NormalLines.    

To:  Back-to-Back-Couples.

< >  Split Sqr Chain the Top


From:  FacingCouples.  C: Facing.  E: Facing.  T-Bone.     To:  _

</>  Square the Bases


From:  FacingLines.  R-H-TidalWave.    To:  8ChainThru.

< >  Tally-Ho


From:  Waves.  Lines.  TradeBy.  2x 4T-Bones.

To:  Lines.  Waves.  Parallelogram.

< >  All 8 Recycle

SqrAwe:     From:  ¼Tag.  SquaredSet.  Thar.  Wave-btn-Mini-Waves.     To:  _.     ¼Tag ends in a ¼Tag.

< >  Box Recycle

Split Recycle

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe: 

From:  BoxCirculate.  FacingCouples.  Mini-Wave-Box.  Box R-H Mini-Wave and one In-Facing-Couple.     To:  Wave.

< >  Split Recycle

Box Recycle


From:  Box.  Waves.  Columns.  3&1Lines.     To:  _


</> =======================================================  C-1  </>:


</>  Anything Chain Thru


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Anything to a Wave

SqrAwe:     (CrossExtend)

From:  "Anything" call.     To:  _

</>  Anything & Spread


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Anything & Weave

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     O-F -> Ends.

From:  BoxCirculate. Single-8ChainThru.     To:  Wave.  Line.

</>  Anything the Windmill


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Cast a Shadow

SqrAwe:     Ends stay Ends.  Centers stay Centers.

From:  3&1Lines, I-F-Centers.     To:  Lines

</>  Checkover

SqrAwe:     From:  Columns. 

To:  Parallel-Two-Faced-Lines.  (same Partners)

</>  Cross & Turn

Reverse Cross & Turn


From:  FacingCouples.     To:  Back-to-Back-Couples.

</>  Cross Cast Back


From:  CompletedDPT.     To:  _

</>  Cross Chain Thru

SqrAwe:     From:  8ChainThru.  Parallel R-H-Waves.

To:  8ChainThru.

</>  Cross Chain & Roll

SqrAwe:     From:  8ChainThru.  Parallel R-H-Waves.

To:  Parallel R-H-Waves.

</>  Cross Roll to a Wave


From:  Line.  Wave.     To:  _

</>  Dixie Sashay

Split Dixie Sashay

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     From:  FacingCouples.  FacingTandems.  Single DoublePassThru.    

To:  L-H-Two-Faced-Line.  (same Partners)

</>  Split Dixie Style to Wave

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  T-Bone.     To:  _

</>  Dixie Diamond

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     From:  FacingCouples.  Single DoublePassThru.  FacingTandems.     To:  R-H-Diamond.

</>  Split Dixie Diamond

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  FacingCouples.  FacingTandems.  2 T-Bones.   To:  Dia

</>  Flip the Line

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  R-H-Waves.  L-H-Waves.     To:  _

</>  Flip Back

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Waves.  Lines.  FacingCouples.  StaticSquare.     To:  _

</>  Magic Circulate  = 

Magic Column Circulate

SqrAwe:     Centers of one side are working with the Ends of the other side of the Column.

From:  MagicColumns.  Parallel-Columns - Centers are holding the opposite hands from the Outsides (Outsides holding R-H & Centers holding L-H, or vice-versa).     To:  ParallelWaves.

</>  Make Magic


From:  Columns of 4 (usually a 1/4 Box).  MagicColumns.  To:  _

</>  Reverse Explode

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     (from a Wave]    

From:  Wave.  InvertedLine.     To:  Back-to-Back-Couples.

</>  Rotate

Single Rotate  ¼  ½

Reverse Rotate

SqrAwe:     From:  StaticSquare.  StaticSquare with some O-F-Couples.  Generalized-SquaredSet, or from similar formations (Columns, the Ends only).     To:  _

</>  Single Rotate ¼  ½  ¾  F

Reverse Single Rotate

SqrAwe:     From:  StaticSquare.  StaticSquare with some couples facing out.     To:  _

</>  Reverse Wheel & Anything

SqrAwe:     From:  2 Outside-Couples-Facing-Out.     To:  _

</>  Scoot & Little


From:  ¼Tag.     To:  _

</>  Scoot & Plenty


From:  ¼Tag.     To:  _

</>  Scoot & Ramble

SqrAwe:     <3-Parts>    

From:  ¼Tag.     To:  _

</>  Swing & Circle ¼  ½  ¾  F

SqrAwe:     O-6: move in direction of Wave-Ends.

From:  ¼Tag.  ¾Tag.  Diamonds.  Wave between parallel mini-waves.     To:  ¼Tag.

</>  Switch the Line

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:   Centers <-> Ends.    Waves <-> Lines.

From:  Line.  Wave.     To:  Wave.  Line.

</>  Tag Back to a Wave



From:  Wave.  Line.  Galaxy.     To:  _

</>  Twist the Line

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Line with the Centers facing the same direction.     To:  _

</>  Twist & Anything

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Line with the Centers facing the same direction.     To:  _

</>  Vertical Tag  ¼  ½  ¾  Full

Vertical Tag Back to a Wave

Vertical Tag ½ & Scoot Back

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     From:  BoxCirculate.  FacingCouples.  non-T-Bone 2x2.     To:  BoxCirculate.

Vertical Tag ½ & Single Wheel


<x> ======================================================  C-1  <x>:


<x>  3 By 2 Acey Deucey

SqrAwe:     From:  Twin-Diamonds.  Hourglass.  two groups of three that can Triangle Circulate, and a center two that can Trade.     To:  Twin-Diamonds.  Hourglass.

<x>  Ah So

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     (keep handhold)  pass rt shoulders.     General version of Wheel & Deal.

From:  Wave.  Line.     ->     To:  _Box.

<x>  Cast Back    

Cross Cast Back

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     L or DD:  moves.

From:  2x2.  TandemCouples.  Leads not facing toward or away from flagpole center.     To:  adjacent to the dancer (or position) that was immediately behind them.

(/  diagonally opposite in their Box).

<x>  Chain Reaction

From:  ¼Lines.  2-Faced-Lines.  Wave-btn-Mini-Waves.

<x>  Circle By 1/x By 1/x Anything

Circle By ½ and Recycle

SqrAwe:     <2-Parts>    

From:  FacingCouples.  ->  To:  FacingCouples.

<x>  Circulate


From:  Thar.     To:  _

<x>  Counter Rotate fraction

Concentric Box Counter Rotate

SqrAwe:  Centers stay Centers.  Outsides stay Outsides.

From:  no dancers facing directly toward or away from the flagpole center.     To:  same.

<x>  Cross By

SqrAwe:     =  Slip the Clutch & Spread

From:  Thar.  Wrong-way-Thar.  To:  Thar ends in an opposite-handed Thar.  Parallel-Waves end in a Thar. 


<x>  Cross Extend

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     To:  opposite-handed formation.

From:  1/4Tag.  ->  L-H-BoxCirc.    

From:  R-H Box-Circulate.  ->  L-H-3/4Tag.    

From:  Mini-Wave-Box.  8-dancer OceanWaves.

<x>  Cross Roll to a Wave

Cross Roll to a Line

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     Two-Faced-Line -> Wave.  Wave -> Two-Faced-Line.

From:  Line.  Wave.  To:  Wave.  Two-Faced-Line.

<x>  Cut the Interlocked Diamond


From:  Twin-Dias, Point-to-Point-Dias.     To:  _

<x>  Flip the Interlocked Diamond


From:  Interlocked-Diamonds.     To:  _

<x>  Flip the Line ¼  ½  ¾  F

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Wave.     To:  _

<x>  Flip Back

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Wave.     ->     To:  Mini-Wave-Box.

<x>  Follow Thru

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Mini-Wave-Box.  T-Bone2x2.  1/4Tag.     To:  _

<x>  Galaxy Circulate


From:  Galaxy.     ->     To:  Galaxy.

<x>  Interlocked Diamond Circulate


From:  Twin-Dias, Point-to-Point-Dias.     To:  _

<x>  Jaywalk

{2-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Facing-Dancers.   Diagonal-Dancers.

To:  in the other dancer's starting position and face opposite to the other dancer's original facing direction.

<x>  Little     Right / Left Little

Scoot & Little

SqrAwe:     From:  1/4Tag.  3/4Tag.    

To:  R-H-3/4Tag -> R-H-Waves.

L-H 3/4-Tag -> R-H-Two-Faced-Lines.

<x>  Pass the Axle    

the Axle

SqrAwe:     From:  8ChainThru.  R-H-Waves.  TradeBy.  CompletedDPT.     To:  FacingLines.

<x>  Press Ahead


From:  R-H-Waves.  2-Faced-Lines.     To:  _

<x>  2/3 Recycle     1/3 Recycle

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     <3-Parts>     Wave  ->  Box.

From:  Wave.     To:  Box.

<x>  Scatter Scoot

Scatter Scoot Chain Thru


From:  ParallelWaves.  T-Bone2x4s.

To:  ParallelWaves end in ParallelWaves.

<x>  Shakedown

Left Shakedown

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Back-to-Back-Couples.  T-Bone2x2, all Leader.

To:  FacingCouples.

<x>  Squeeze

Squeeze the Butterfly

Squeeze the O

Squeeze the Galaxy

{2-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Side-by-side adjacent dancers.  Mini-Wave.  Couple.     To:  _

Squeeze the Hourglass

<x> Step & Fold

Grand Step & Fold

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     Wave -> Mini-Wave-Box.  InvertedLine -> TandemCouples.

From:  Wave.  InvertedLine.  Diamond.

To:  BoxCirculate.  TandemCouples.  T-Bone.

<x>  Step & Flip

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Line.  Wave.  O-F-Lines.  InvertedLines with the O-F-Centers.  Two-FacedLines or Waves, the ending formation is a Z.

To:  2X2Box.  Z (4 spots within a 2x3Matrix).

<x>  Step & Slip

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  _.     To:  _

<x>  Swing the Fractions

Left Swing the Fractions

SqrAwe:     <5-Parts>     1-2-3-2-1     Palindrome (the same forward or backward)

From:  Waves.  FacingDiamonds.  Thar.  AlamoRing.  Mini-Waves.  Those-who-can.  To:  _

<x>  Switch to a Diamond


From:  Wave or Lines w/ Ends in Tandem.     To:  _

<x>  Switch to an Interlocked Diamond


From:  Waves.  2-Faced-Lines.     To:  _

<x>  Switch to an Hourglass


From:  Wave or Lines w/ Ends in Tandem.     To:  _

<x>  Triple Cross


From:  Columns.     To:  _

<x>  Wheel Fan Thru

Left Wheel Fan Thru

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  FacingCouples.  ->  To:  Back-to-Back-Couples.

<x>  Wheel & Anything

Reverse Wheel & Anything

(Reverse) Wheel & Touch¼

SqrAwe:     (hold hands)

From:  O-F-Couples not directly looking at any other dancers.     To:  _

<x>  With the Flow

{4-Dancers}    SqrAwe:    

From:  FacingCouples.  ->  To:  Mini-Wave-Box.

<x>  Zing

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     (L: 270° loop)

From:  2x2.  BoxCirc.  TandemCouples.  3&1Boxes.  T-Bones.  Tandem.    

From:  non-T-Bone.  ->  To:  FacingCouples.

<x>  ½ Zoom

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:     (180°)

From:  _.     To:  _


<x> ===================================  C-1  Formations / Concepts  <x>:


<x>  Concentric  Concept

SqrAwe:     Center-4 work.     Outside-4 work with Outside-4.

From: Columns -> To: Columns.     From: Lines -> To: Lines.

From: _ -> To: 2x2 Box 90` from starting.

From:  4 inside dancers and 4 outside dancers.

From DPT:  Star Thru, Slide Thru, Pass In/Out, Touch1/4

From CompletedDPT:  Chase Right, Shakedown

From TidalWave:  Recycle, Ah So

From TidalLine:  Wheel & Deal, Turn & Deal, 1/2Tag

<x>  Stretch  Concept

{4-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From: ParallelLines.  8-Dancer formations.

To:  Diamonds, applies to Very-Centers. Tidals or Lines, applies to Center-4.

<x>  Butterfly  Formation

SqrAwe:     Butterfly  <->  O

From:  Columns.  DoublePassThru, etc.

To:  Lines or Columns.

<x>  O  Formation

SqrAwe:     Columns <-> O

From:  Columns.  DoublePassThru, etc.

To:  Lines.  Columns.

<x>  T-Bone  Formation


From:  Columns.  Waves.     To:  _

<x>  Galaxy  Formation

Galaxy Circulate

SqrAwe:     Galaxy =  C: Box + O: Diamond

Hourglass =  C: Dia + O: Box

From:  Galaxy.     To:  _

<x>  Interlocked Diamond




From:  Interlocked-Diamonds.     To:  _

Interlocked Triangle  Formation

<x>  Block Formation

in your Block,  C1 Blocks

=  Interlocked Blocks

SqrAwe:     From:  2x2  -> To:  2X2.     Partner Trade, Partner Tag, Pass Thru, Touch ¼, Star Thru, Square Thru, Wheel Thru, Leads Press Ahead (& Trade), check Blocks

<x>  Magic Column  Concept


From:  MagicColumn.     To:  _

<x>  Phantom  Concept


From:  Anything.     To:  _

<x>  Siamese  Concept

SqrAwe:  Couples work As-Couples. Tandems work In-Tandem

From:  2 Tandems and 2 Couples: Same as "In Tandem or As Couples".     To: 

<x>  Tandem  Concept


From:  _.     To:  _

<x>  Triangle  Formation

{3-Dancers}     SqrAwe:    

From:  Galaxy.  Hourglass  1/4Diamond.     To:  _

<x>  Triple Box  Formation


From:  Box.  Column.  Line.  Wave.

To:  Box.  Column.  Line.  Wave.

</>  Triple Column  Formation

</>  Triple Line  Formation

</>  Triple Wave  Formation

SqrAwe:     12 Dancers = 3x4-Spot w/ Phantoms

From:  three adjacent 1x4 formations (Columns, Lines, or Waves) & phantoms.     To:  _


</> =======================================  C-1  Modifying Terms  </>:


</>  Start


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Finish


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Replace


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  But


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Ignore


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Interrupt


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Skip


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Substitute


From:  TandemCouples.  DPT.     To:  _

</>  Delete


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Prefer


From:  _.     To:  _

</>  Left

SqrAwe:     Interchange:   Right with Left     Clockwise with Counter-Clockwise     CW <-> CCW.     Promenade with Reverse Promenade.

From:  _.     To:  _


Certain calls have built-in stopping points.

You must reevaluate your position upon resumption of the call.


<x> ======================================================  C-1  <x>:

A: = All.  B: = Boys.  Crnr: = Corner.  C: = Centers.  C-4: = Center-4.  VryC: = VeryCenters.  E: = Ends.  O: = Outsides / Others.  L: = Leaders.  T: = Trailers.  F: = Followers.  G: = Girls.  I-F: = In-Facers.  O-F: = Out-Facers.  Cpl: = Couples.  Indiv: = Individuals.  Meet = Those-who-Meet.  P = Partner.  Th-w-Can: = Those-who-Can.  M-W: = Mini-Wave.  DD: = DesignatedDancers. 

< > = Complex Calls.  </> = Average Calls.  <x> = Easy Calls. 

CastOff¾  =  ArmTurn¾  =  PushCast¾     TRoll  =  Trade & Roll     ¼  ½  ¾ Full  1½ 1st   ° 

SqrAwe: = Square Awareness.     B = Box.  D = Diamond.  DPT = DoublePassThru.  F =  _.  L =  Line.  LO = L-H OceanWave.  L.W = L-H-Wave.  R.W = R-H-Wave.  SS = StaticSquare.  Th = Thar.  TL = TidalLine.  TW = TidalWave.  W = Wave    

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