< >  =========================================  C-1  < >:


< >  Alter the Wave

{4-Dancers}     <4-Parts>    "Alter-Swing-Cast the Wavy-Dia-Flip"

"Alter-Swing.  Wave-Cast.  U-Back.  Box-Dia½ Flip off"

"Alter ArmTurn the Wave.  Cast Off U-Back.  Diamond ½ Flip off"

1= A: ArmTurn½ = Swing     2= C: Cast¾   E: U-Turn Back    3= A: BoxCountRotateDia½     4=  A: Flip the Dia.

< >  Chase Your Neighbor

{4-Dancers}     1= Chase Right     2= Follow your Neighbor.

1&2= Beaus: Chase Rt, CastOff¾   1&2= Belles: Zoom, Fold & Roll

< >  Cross Your Neighbor

{4-Dancers}     T: Follow your Neighbor w/ Opposite Hand    

I-F: Cross Extend,  CastOff¾     O-F: Fold & Roll  (270°)

< >  Linear Action

C: "Linear-Hinge BoxCirc 1½,  Action-Cast¾"

O: "Linear-Hinge Action-Trade"     E:  move up to end

< >  Percolate

Percolate But

"Perc-Circ 1½.  Hinge-Cross.  TurnThru"     1= A: "Percolate Circulate 1½"     2= C-4: "Hinge-Cross"     E: TurnThru

< >  Plenty

Scoot & Plenty

A: "Little-Stomp"     A: Split Circ 2x     C-4: Concentric Zoom½    

O: Counter-Rotate¼ & Roll.         Scoot Chain Thru & Plenty

< >  Ramble    

Scoot & Ramble

"Ramble-Separate/Fold-SlideThru"     1= O: Separate     C: Fold to face (Single Wheel)     2= A: "Ramble-SlideThru".

< >  Regroup

C: "Regroup TRoll".     EO: "ReGrout"     "Regroup Out-Trade"

C: Trade & Roll.           EO: ¼ Out, Trade, Veer (Press) Out.

< >  Relay the Shadow

"Relay the ArmTurn"    "½ by the Right,  Left¾"    C-2: "Whoopee"

1= A: ArmTurn½     2= E: Count-Rotate¼   C-6: Cast¾ 

3= C-Wave: Hinge&Spread   O: Center-Part-of Cast a Shadow.

< >  Relay the Top


Star½     Star¾ 

Don't Turn the Star

"Relay-Swing-Cast the Top-Star-Cast" 

"Relay the ArmTurn"  "½ by the Right, Left¾"    "½  ¾  ½  ¼  ½  ¾"

start like Relay The Deucey,    but finish like Chain Reaction.

1= A: ArmTurn½     2= C: ArmTurn¾   E: Circ½     3= C: Star¼ 

O: Trade     4= Meet: CastOff¾   O: move up.

< >  Rotary Spin

Rotary Anything

A: "Rotary-Pull"     C: "Spin-Cast¾"     E: "Spin-Cour-Turn & Roll"

1= A: Rt Pull By     2= C: L-H Cast¾    2= E: CourtesyTurn & Roll.

< >  Square Chain the Top

{4-Dancers}    "Square-Pull"   "Chain-Spin the Top"   Turn Thru

1= A: Rt PullBy ¼ In  2= A: L-H Wave  Spin the Top  3= Turn Thru.

A: Square Thru.  on the 2nd hand Spin The Top.  (Left) Turn Thru.

< >  Split Sqr Chain the Top

F: Right PullBy & ¼In     A: Left Spin the Top & Left Turn Thru

< >  Square the Bases

1= C: Square Thru 3     E: Pass Thru, Ends Bend

2= Split Square Thru 2     3= A: Trade By.

< >  Tally-Ho

A: "Tally-Circ"   C: "Ho-Hinge"   "Tally-BoxCirc"   "Ho-Trade-Cast"

1= A: "Tally-½Circ     2= C: "Ho-Hinge"     3= Tally-½BoxCirc 

O: "Ho-Trade"     4= Meet: Cast¾     O: move up.

< >  Recycle

{4-Dancers}     <3-Parts>     1= C: Fold     2= A: BoxCounterRotate¼     3= & Roll.

< >  2/3 Recycle    

1/3 Recycle

{4-Dancers}     <2 or 1 Parts>     1= C: Fold     2= A: BoxCounterRotate¼.

< >  Box Recycle

{4-Dancers}     (Box -> Hold Hands)

L: TrailOff     T: BoxCirc½ & U-Turn-Back     C: Facing Recycle

T: BoxCirc½ & U-Turn-Back.     (keep Handhold)

< >  Split Recycle

{4-Dancers}     (Split -> No Handholds)

T: Extend & U-Turn-Back     L: follow along to Ends of Wave

< >  All 8 Recycle

C: Recycle -> outside     O: Box-Recycle -> center


</> =======================================================  C-1  </>:


</>  Anything Chain Thru

C: "Chain Trade Thru"     C-4: "Chain Cast Thru"

A: Anything     Vry-C: Trade     C-4: CastOff¾

</>  Anything to a Wave

A: Anything     (omit final Extend or Step Thru) -> Wave

</>  Anything & Spread

A: Anything     Active Dancers:  Spread

</>  Anything & Weave

A: Anything     Active Dancers:  L: ½BoxCirc     T: Cross-Extend.  Outside-Hand Hinge

</>  Anything the Windmill

A: Anything     C: CastOff¾     E: Circulate

</>  Cast a Shadow

E: ½ Zoom, CastOff¾, Spread    

O-F-C: Cloverleaf   I-F-C: Extend, Hinge, Extend

(or if All I-F-C: Pass In & Pass Thru)

</>  Checkover

#1&2: "Checkmate"     #3&4 "Check-Circ", BoxCast¾  <kiss>  "Over-Slither"  Couple-C: "_"     O: Extend.

</>  Cross & Turn

Reverse Cross & Turn

{4-Dancers}     Beaus:  Right Pull By     Belles:  U-Turn Back.

{4-Dancers}     Belles:  Left    Pull By     Beaus:  U-Turn Back.

</>  Cross Cast Back

L or DD: Trail Off     Others: no move

</>  Cross Chain Thru

A: "Cross-Pull"    C: "L-H Chain-Star½"    O: Cour-Turn

</>  Cross Chain & Roll

A: "Cross-Pull"    C: "L-H Chain-Star½"    O: Cour-Turn & Roll

</>  Cross Roll to a Wave

C: Cross Run     E: Run

</>  Dixie Sashay

Split Dixie Sashay

{4-Dancers}     A: Dixie Style to a Wave & Slither

A: "Dixie Style, Sashay Slither"

</>  Split Dixie Style to Wave

{4-Dancers}     F: RightPullBy & ¼In     A: LeftTouch¼

</>  Dixie Diamond

{4-Dancers}     "Dixie Style, Diamond, U-Turn"     A: Dixie Style to a Wave   C: Hinge to a Diamond   E: U-T-Bk   -> Dia.

</>  Split Dixie Diamond

{4-Dancers}     F: Rt PullBy & ¼In     A: LeftTouch¼     C: Hinge     E: U-Turn-Back.

</>  Flip the Line

{4-Dancers}     C: Run     A: Tag the Line ¼  ½  ¾ Full

R-H Wave -> pass Rt Shoulders.  L-H Wave -> Left Shoulders

</>  Flip Back

{4-Dancers}     Flip the Line     T: Scoot Back

</>  Magic Circulate  = 

Magic Column Circulate

"'follow their backs'"     Magic traffic pattern

C: -Circulate-> C:     C: <-Cross Circulate-> E:

C: -forward-> C:     C: -diagonal-> E:     E: -diagonal-> C:

</>  Magic Column Transfer  =  Magic Transfer the Column

#1 & #2 Magic Transfer (#1 Transfer, #2 Magic Column Circulate & then follow #1)

#3 & #4 Magic Column Circulate   C: Arm Turn 3/4   A:  Extend

</>  Make Magic

point & "'poof'"     E-facing-a-back:  don’t move

Out-Facing-Centers-facing-Outsides:  Pass Thru

In-Facing-Centers:  diagonally Pull By using outside hands

</>  Reverse Explode

{4-Dancers}     (from a Wave]     Step Thru & ¼Out

</>  Rotate

Cpl: ¼ to Promenade     Reverse Rotate

</>  Single Rotate  ¼  ½

Indiv: ¼ to Promenade     Reverse Single Rotate

O: ¼ to Promenade & Counter-Rotate     Others: step Forward

</>  Reverse Wheel & Anything

O: Wrong-Way-Promenade¼ & Face-in  (Hold Hands)    

Others: Anything

</>  Scoot & Little

I-F: Scoot Back     A: Little

</>  Scoot & Plenty

I-F: Scoot Back     A: Plenty

</>  Scoot & Ramble

<3-Parts>     I-F: Scoot Back     A: Ramble

</>  Swing & Circle ¼  ½  ¾  F

Waves: Swing  V-Cs: Trade  (= Swing Thru)  O-6: move 1 position

</>  Tag Back to a Wave


Vertical ½ Tag + Scoot Back

any Tagging Call Back to a Wave

</>  Vertical Tag  ¼  ½  ¾  Full

Vertical Tag Back to a Wave

Vertical Tag ½ & Scoot Back

{4-Dancers}     T: Belle in front  L: Single Wheel  A: Tag the Line

L: Box-Circ½     T: "½ Dodge"

Vertical Tag ½ & Single Wheel


<x> ======================================================  C-1  <x>:


<x>  3 By 2 Acey Deucey

O-6: Triangles Circ     C-2: Trade

<x>  Ah So

{4-Dancers}     "Ahhh, So the Ends Cross Fold"

<x>  Cast Back    

Cross Cast Back

{4-Dancers}     "Cast-Peel Back"

L: Peel Off (Trail Off) & step ahead     T: don't move.

<x>  Circle By 1/x By 1/x Anything

Circle By ½ & Recycle

<2-Parts>     "Circle By, Cast Buy"    

"Circle Left By ½, ArmTurn By"

<x>  Circulate

From: Thar, W-W-Thar, Promenade.     A:  Circ¼

<x>  Counter Rotate fraction

        Points Counter Rotate ¼ ½

"Forward -> Face next wall"     "Happiness = Centers"     (Beaus stay Beaus.  Belles stay Belles)

<x>  Cross By

=  Slip the Clutch & Spread

"Cross-Circ & Slide By"

A: ½Circ  &  Slide (nose-to-nose)

<x>  Cross Extend

{4-Dancers}     "Cross-Handed Extend"

A: Extend the Tag     M-W: Slide

<x>  Cross Roll to a Wave

Cross Roll to a Line

{4-Dancers}     C: Cross-Run     E: Run

<x>  Flip the Line 

¼  ½  ¾ Full

{4-Dancers}     C: "Flip-Run to the Line"

C: Run     A: Tag the Line ½

<x>  Flip Back

{4-Dancers}     A: Flip the Line ½     T: Scoot Back

<x>  Follow Thru

{4-Dancers}     "Follow ½ Scoot Back Thru"

L: BoxCirc½     T: ArmTurn¼

<x>  Jaywalk

{2-Dancers}     A: DiagPassThru

<x>  Little     Right / Left Little

Scoot & Little

"Little to the Right & Rotate"

C-4: Step & Fold     O: ¼Rt & CounterRotate¼

<x>  Pass the Axle    

the Axle

"Pass the Axle Trades-Greased"     A: C: Pass Thru 

E: CrossCastBack    A: Trade (= Swing)    C: Trade

<x>  Press Ahead

Move 1 position Forward

<x>  Scatter Scoot

Scatter Scoot Chain Thru

L: "Scatter Circ"     T: Scoot Back

L: All-8 Circulate (not Split Circulate)   T: Scoot Chain Thru

<x>  Shakedown

Left Shakedown

{4-Dancers}     "Shakedown Right! Roll"

"Shakedown  ¼Rt, BoxCounterRotate¼  &  Roll 'em"

"Shakedown ¼Rt to the next wall"

<x> Step & Fold

Grand Step & Fold

{4-Dancers}     C: Step     E: Fold  (180`)

Step & Cross Fold

<x>  Step & Flip

{4-Dancers}     C: Step     E: "Flip-Run"

<x>  Step & Slip

{4-Dancers}     C: Step     E: Slip

<x>  Swing the Fractions

Left Swing the Fractions

<5-Parts>     Th-w-Can: ¼  ½  ¾  ½  ¼  ArmTurn

Th-w-Can: R¼  L½    L½  R¼.

<x>  Switch the Line

{4-Dancers}     C: Run     E: Cross Run    

<x>  Switch to a Diamond

From: Wave or Lines w/ Ends in Tandem

<x>  Switch to an Interlocked Diamond

C: Run     A: Interlocked Dia Circ

<x>  Switch to an Hourglass

From: Wave or Lines w/ Ends in Tandem

<x>  Triple Cross

6: Diagonally Pull By  (w/ outside hands)

<x>  Twist the Line

{4-Dancers}     C: Step Ahead & Trade    

E: ¼ In, Step ahead & Star Thru

<x>  Twist & Anything

Twist & Nothing

Twist & Touch ¼

Twist & Pass Out

{4-Dancers}     C: Step Ahead & Trade    

E: ¼In, Step Ahead & Anything

Twist & Square Thru 2        Twist & Pass the Ocean

Twist & Split Square Thru 2

<x>  Wheel Fan Thru

Left Wheel Fan Thru

{4-Dancers}     "Wheel-Rt¼, Belle"   Beaus: ArmTurn¾ & Extend.     "Wheel Left, Beau"

<x>  Wheel & Anything

Wheel & Chase Right

Reverse Wheel & Anything

(Reverse) Wheel and Touch¼     (hold hands)

Reverse Wheel and Explode the Wave

O-Cpl: Prom-Left¼ & Face In     C: Anything

<x>  With the Flow

{4-Dancers}    "Circ-Walk With the Flow"  Others: Dodge

<x>  Zing

{4-Dancers}     L: ¼Out & Run (270°)    T: BoxCirc¼ & In

<x>  ½ Zoom

{4-Dancers}     (180° loop)


{x} ===================================  C-1  Formations / Concepts  {x}:


{x}  Concentric  Concept

Concentric Star Thru

Concentric Crossfire

Concentric Recycle

Concentric Single Hinge

Concentric Step and Fold

Points Counter Rotate ¼

4-Centers do call normally.  4-Outsides do call on outsides.

Concentric Box Counter Rotate

Concentric Diamond Circulate

Concentric Recycle from tidal wave

Concentric Reverse Explode

Concentric Diamond, Step and Fold

Concentric Trade the Wave

{x}  Stretch  Concept

Stretch Touch ¼

Stretch Touch

{4-Dancers}     "Center-4 Stretch"

Stretch Shake Down

Stretch Turn and Deal

{x}  Butterfly  Formation

Butterfly  <->  O

{x}  O  Formation

Columns <-> O

<x>  Squeeze

Squeeze the Butterfly

Squeeze the "O"

{2-Dancers}     Butterfly <-> O     Squeeze the Galaxy

Squeeze the Hourglass

A: Trade & Slide apart  or  Slide together & Trade

{x}  T-Bone  Formation

From:  Columns, Waves.  Do your part of the Call

{x}  Galaxy  Formation

Galaxy Circulate

Galaxy =  C: Box + O: Diamond     "Dias are faraway Stars"

Hourglass =  C: Dia + O: Box

Squeeze the Galaxy     Flip the Galaxy

{x}  Interlocked Diamond


Switch to An Interlocked Diamond

Interlocked Diamond Chain Thru

Very Centers moving in front of the In-Facing Point

Centers  Interlocked Diamond Circulate

Points  Slide Together and Trade

<x>  Interlocked Diamond Circulate

From:  Twin Dias, Point-to-Point Dias.

Forward 1 spot

<x>  Cut the Interlocked Diamond

From:  Twin Dias, Point-to-Point Dias.

C: Interlocked Dia Circ     A: Cut the Dia

Interlocked Cut the Diamond

<x>  Flip the Interlocked Diamond

C: Interlocked Dia Circ     A: Flip the Diamond

Interlocked Flip the Diamond

{x}  Block Formation

in your Block, Touch ¼

in your Block, Square Thru

In your Block Swap Around

=  Interlocked Blocks  =  C1 Blocks

Leads Press Ahead (& Trade), check Blocks

In your Block, Square Chain Thru

Outsides Press Ahead to make Lines

{x}  Magic Column  Concept

Magic Column Coordinate

Magic Columns of 3

Magic Circulate  =  Magic Column Circulate

Magic Column Transfer  =  Magic Transfer The Column

Magic Column Walk and Dodge

{x}  Phantom  Concept

Phantom Circulate

Phantom Checkmate the Column

{x}  Siamese  Concept

2 Couples  work  As-Couples

2 Tandems work  In-Tandem

{x}  Tandem  Concept

Tandem Swing Thru

Tandem Quarter Thru

Tandem Touch ¼

Tandem Hinge

Tandem Scoot Back

Tandem Swing Thru

Tandem Walk and Dodge

{x}  T-Bone  Concept

some in Lines or Waves & some in Columns.  Caller will not say "T-Bone".  Do your part of the call.

{x}  Triangle  Formation

Inpoint Triangle Circulate

Outpoint Triangle Circulate

{3-Dancers}     Inside / Outside Triangle Circulate

Tandem-based Triangle Circulate

Tandem-based Triangle Peel & Trail

{x}  Triple Box  Formation

Triple Box Circulate

Triple Box Counter Rotate

Triple Box Right and Left Thru

Triple Box Scoot Back

Triple Box Shakedown

3 Boxes of 4-Dancers     "Happiness is being a Center"

4-Phantoms     "Phantoms appear & disappear"

Triple Box Touch ¼

Triple Box Walk & Dodge

Triple Box Wheel Thru

{x}  Triple Column  Formation

{x}  Triple Line  Formation

{x}  Triple Wave  Formation

12 Dancers = 3 x 4-Spot Formation w/ Phantoms

Phantom in 3 Parallel 1x4 Waves / Lines / Columns


</> =======================================  C-1  Modifying Terms  </>:


</>  Start

DD:  Do the 1st Part of the Call

A:     Do the Rest of the Call

</>  Finish

A:     Do Not do the 1st Part of the Call

</>  Replace

A:     Replace Part of a Call with some Other Call

</>  But

1.                                  A:  Replace their part with the specified Call

2.                                  get dancers' attention. Used before another Modifying Term

</>  Ignore

1.                                  A:  use All Spots, Ignoring the Designated Dancers

2.                                  Dancers Not part of the formation

</>  Interrupt

specified point of a call, do the Specified Action, then continue the Original Call

</>  Skip

-> 0     Replace with nothing

</>  Substitute

L: Arch & Back-up     T: Forward/Backward/Sideways under the Arch

</>  Delete

-> 0     Replace with nothing

</>  Prefer

DD:  Different from those specified in the definition

</>  Left

Interchange:   Right with Left     Clockwise with Counter-Clockwise     CW <-> CCW

Promenade with Reverse Promenade.


<x> ======================================================  C-1  <x>:


A: = All.  B: = Boys.  Crnr: = Corner.  C: = Centers.  C-4: = Center-4.  VryC: = Very Centers.  E: = Ends.  O: = Outsides / Others.  L: = Leaders.  T: = Trailers.  F: = Followers.  G: = Girls.  I-F: = In-Facers.  O-F: = Out-Facers.  Cpl: = Couples.  Indiv: = Individuals.  Meet = Those-who-Meet.  P = Partner.  Th-w-Can: = Those-who-Can.  M-W: = Mini-Wave.  DD: = Designated Dancers. 

< > = Complex Calls.  </> = Average Calls.  <x> = Easy Calls. 

CastOff¾  =  ArmTurn¾  =  PushCast¾     TRoll  =  Trade & Roll     ¼  ½  ¾ Full  1½ 1st   ° 

SqrAwe: = Square Awareness.     B = Box.  D = Diamond.  DPT = Double Pass Thru.  F =  _.  L =  Line.  LO = L-H OceanWave.  L.W = L-H Wave.  R.W = R-H Wave.  SS = Static Square.  Th = Thar.  TL = Tidal Line.  TW = Tidal Wave.  W = Wave  


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